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Technical Assistance Group (TAG) meeting for the development of the Black Bass Management Plan

Hello Stakeholders

Letting you know the first Technical Assistance Group (TAG) meeting for the development of the Florida’s Black Bass Management Plan will be on June 15th at the Bass Conservation Center near Brooksville, Fl.

We have assembled a great group of stakeholders, with lots of diversity consisting of several Professional Anglers, Marina Owners, Outdoor Writers, Bass Club Representatives , Conservationist and Tourist specialist.

This particular meeting is closed to additional (TAG) members, but is open to the public. This is why we have provided notice giving you ample time to send in your suggestions to the Florida Freshwater Fishing Coalition on what you would like or not like to see in the new black bass management plan. The plan is ours to design, let’s build it together for the future!

Please send all comment regarding the Black Bass Management Plan to bassplan@flffc.org

Thanks once again to all of our  conservation and recreation advocate partners!

“We are standing together to protect our fisheries”

Who Are The Partners?

There are two types of partners in this coalition; Voting and Non-Voting Partners.

A Non-Voting Partner is an individual who is a licensed Florida angler that takes an active interest in the Mission and Purpose of FLFFC Inc. and is willing to consider joining one or more of the Coalition Partner Organizations of their choosing.

There is no coalition membership fee required, however we ask that you provide your name, address, phone and email address, along with a brief statement regarding Florida Freshwater Fishing Issues that you are concerned with.

Since we are primarily a coalition of organizations partnered together by “Issues”, it is essential for us to understand your freshwater fishery concerns and interests, and to introduce you to each one of our partner organizations so that you are able to make the best choice to address your needs.

We look forward to having a relationship with you through one or more of our partner organization’s memberships. The memberships of our partners is the strength of our coalition and the driving force that motivates us to work on your behalf.

A Voting Partner is any type of organization that has a supportive interest in Florida’s Freshwater Fisheries and then the board chooses one of three partnership-level options for their representative to participate within the coalition process.

The types of organizations who are interested in Florida’s various types of bodies of freshwater are many;

  1. Anglers of every type of fish in Florida–“The Fishing Capitol of the World”.
  2. Artists of all types, capturing freshwater places in time for all generations.
  3. Boaters of all types enjoying bodies of freshwater in a varieties of ways.
  4. Conservationist working to preserve bodies of freshwater for all.
  5. Educators teaching students about freshwater body environments.
  6. Hikers that prefer the freshwater-body perspective from dry land.
  7. Hunters of wildlife which thrive in and around bodies of freshwater.
  8. Lodging Industry, providing for all involved in lakes, rivers, etc.
  9. Outdoor Activities Industry provides the ways of enjoying bodies of freshwater.
  10. Photographers of freshwater fish, wildlife, and people, – framing the moment.
  11. Scientists research and explore the riches of freshwater environments.
  12. Underwater Divers enjoy the “Fishes’ Eye View” in the bodies of freshwater.

This is a partial list of the organization-types that have key interests in Florida’s bodies of freshwater. Many of them have similar challenges and issues and would therefore benefit from partnerships centered around those important issues.

The FLFFC provides a platform upon which organizations can form a “directory” of freshwater fishery issues and identities. Within this directory a partnership-process system provides participants with an exhaustive issues-vetting procedure which produces the broadest organizational support possible and thereby a greater possibility of success in the State Legislature in respect to the issue at hand.

So if you’re involved with an organization that is in some way connected to freshwater fisheries management directly (as in lake habitat management organizations or groups) or indirectly (as in recreational lake-user groups or associations)  or you are just a concerned citizen desiring to take part in the freshwater fishery users uniting within a statewide coalition,  please take the time to review our website and register. Post your comments and contact us with any thoughts and questions you might have.

We hope to hear from you