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Fishing Survey for NEW Florida Bass Management Plan

Dear Florida Angler,

Whether you are an occasional angler or an avid, whether you fish with a cane pole in your back yard or traveling to Florida “The Fishing Capital of the World” from afar, or if you have a business that depends on quality sportfishing–we want your opinion. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is developing a “Long-Term Black Bass Management Plan” and is interested in your input.

The following links provide some introductory material that you may want to review prior to taking this survey, but it is not critical that you do so. We mostly need your opinions to help ensure that we create a plan that addresses everyone’s concerns.

Background article published by Fish Busters’
First-Draft Black Bass Management Plan.
PowerPoint presentation (PDF 3 mb), first given October 2009 to the Florida Freshwater Fishing Coalition.
To take the survey click HERE.

Thank you for participating,

Darrell Scovell, Director

Division of Freshwater Fisheries Management

Florida's NEW Bass Management Plan

FLFFC Inaugural Annual Open Meeting Oct. 26-27




OCTOBER 26 & 27


Day One Guest Speakers:

  • Darrell Scovell – FFWCC Freshwater Fisheries Division Director
  • Tom Champeau – FFWCC Region Fisheries Director

Will Be Presenting a New Program First-Draft Plan,  FFWCC Florida Black Bass 2010-2030 Management Plan,  To Enhance All Species of Black Bass In The Statewide Freshwater Fisheries. 

All FWC Roundtable Stakeholders Are Encouraged To Attend And Take Part In The Development Stage Of the First-Ever Plan Of Its Kind.  Your Participation Is Essential For Its Formation And Success 

If The Freshwater Fishery Industry Is Your Interest, You Are Invited To Attend The FLFFC Inaugural Annual Open Meeting that will feature a FFWCC Stakeholder  “First-Look”  Roundtable Forum of the proposed, first-draft, trophy bass enhancement management program.  

Day Two Featured Speakers:

  • Todd Kersy – FLFFC President
  • David Douglass – FLFFC Secretary
  • Al Ovies – FLFFC Treasurer

All pro freshwater-fishery organizations and existing FWC Stakeholders and FLFFC partners and individual members are invited to attend and take part in the coalition’s first annual open meeting.

  • Starts at 9 am  on both days
  • Ends when there is a general consensus to do so on both days.

FLFFC Officers will present the fishing coalition’s, status, future vision, history, and a presentation titled,

“What the Coalition Can Do For You”

If you consider yourself a potential partner in the first-of-its-kind, statewide freshwater fishing coalition, we invite you to attend both day’s events at the Bass Pro Shop in Orlando Florida.


If you have any inquires please use our “Contact Us” page provided in the menubar above.

We Look Forward To Standing With You To Protect Our Fisheries.