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Join Us

Partnership Application Options

* Organization Partnerships

         Join us in the fight….it’s FREE!

* Individual Partnership

Individual Partnerships are free to all Florida licensed anglers. All you have to do is email our secretary ( mailto:toddkersey@flffc.org ) and provide your name, address, phone, and Florida license number.

Also, please tell us about any conservation and/or fishing organizations or groups you currently belong to. If you do not belong to any, tell us if you would consider joining any of the “Organizations” listed on the right side of the FLFFC. ORG website pages.

Every individual angler in Florida is essential to our success. Since there are many excellent organizations already working effectively throughout the State we did not believe another angler organization needed to be formed.

What was missing in Florida was a coalition of organizations that partner together for the purpose of establishing for each partner, the broadest support possible, both in membership and funding.

For this reason we as a coalition of freshwater fishery organizations encourages all anglers to consider joining existing, like-minded, organizations and in doing so you will be supporting us.

If you need assistance locating a freshwater type organizations near you, we would be more than happy to assist you in any way possible in this regard. Please navigate to our “Contact Us” webpage and call or send an email.