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The Original Issues of the FFWCC Roundtable Stakeholders

During the second FFWCC Roundtable Stakeholders Summit, 29 “Freshwater Issues” were identified by the twenty-five  organizational stakeholder representatives in attendance. It was these issues and the level of partnership on those issues that inspired the formation of the a statewide coalition.

The organizations whose representatives are working to create this coalition understand along with all like-minded organizations what the general issues are regarding Florida’s freshwater fisheries. Each one of them has a history of excellent work in regards to these issues, and it was for this reason that the FFWCC invited them to participate together in a series of summit meetings.

The Top Eight Issues:

  1. Habitat Protection
  2. Water Pollution & Quality
  3. Create Stakeholder Lobby-Coalition
  4. Create Broad-Support to Insure Sustainability of freshwater bodies
  5. Create a statewide “Fisheries Initiative” program
  6. Stimulate and/or create “New Anglers” recruitment programs
  7. Conservation & Recreation Funding-Increase Education,  for anglers and legislators
  8. Develop & Expand, Fishing and Conservation Education, through schools, tourism, government, and organization groups.

Definitive Issues Within The General Issues

The first general issue established by the coalition founders was “Habitat Protection.” As you most likely know, each organization type has a slightly different approach to the overall issue because of their individual interest’s characteristics.

One organization is concerned about exotic fish species dynamically changing the fishery in their area while another organization is more concerned with exotic plants threatening lake access and usage, and others are struggling to keep phosphates levels as low as possible.  In fact there are many organizations who take on all of the above plus a great deal more, it all depends on the variety of freshwater bodies their organization’s people are personally involved with on a daily basis.

Therefore it is essential to accurately define and frame what an “Issue” really is. To really be affective and achieve beneficial results, an accurate analysis of all and/or everything involved in creating an issue must be understood in its entirety. Anything less will ultimately result in having to repeat the entire process again or suffer with less than desirable end-results.

In starting to learn what any issue actually is, one must start with “how” the issue came to be in its current state which certainly leads to the starting point–the State Legislature and Statues. From this base, the governmental freshwater fishery management agencies operate, first by forming a structure upon which to write policy within. It is here in these two base areas of “fisheries management” that most Issues are “spawned” (pardon the pun) .

Since our government is mostly designed on a “republic” type structure, it stands to reason that in order for the people to be heard, they must accurately produce an alternative,viable, replacement-policy intended to remove the existing policy which they deem a failure to one degree or another. The people must partner together in a broad grass-roots statewide coalition, consisting of the people’s privately owned fishery organizations and businesses.

Freshwater body interested organizations and businesses are made up of, and provide services for, one of the largest groups in the state of Florida–citizens who consider themselves, “freshwater fishery users.”

We invite you to partner with us. The coalition hopes to partner with your organization, we are sure this is a “win win” for you and us. And, you will be working with us on accomplishing the coalition’s third General Issue–Creating a Stakeholder Lobby-Coalition.

Under Contruction – 6-16-2009